Fatal Multi-Vehicle Car Crash On The 10 Freeway

On January 21st, a total of five cars crashed into each other on the 10 Freeway. It was early Saturday morning before 6AM, making it likely that the highway was free of traffic. While news reports have not declared the official cause of the initial crash, a car crash this early in the morning can result from various things. Common causes include a driver still hungover from the night before, a third shift driver falling asleep at the wheel, or even a driver swerving to miss an animal darting across the road. Unfortunately, this particular car accident took the life of one person and caused critical injuries to two other people. The crash happened on the eastbound freeway toward Crenshaw Boulevard, and two vehicles were found overturned. Even though firefighters and paramedics were able to arrive quickly, one victim was pronounced dead at the scene. It’s hard to imagine that moments before the crash, Thankfully, the two involved with critical injuries were able to be immediately rushed to the hospital. While it’s common in a city like Santa Monica for multi-vehicle crashes to occur, we truly don’t understand the shock and reality of these events until they happen to us or a loved one. Unfortunately, when these terrible events occur, we are often caught off guard and are unprepared for the responsibilities that follow.

Car accident attorneys specialize in providing legal representation for individuals involved in car accidents. They handle cases related to personal injury, property damage, and insurance claims. When you or a loved one are ultimately a victim of a car crash, such as this tragic crash on the 10, it’s in your best interest to contact a qualified Santa Monica car accident lawyer that can guide you through the next steps. At Injury Law Firm, we take car accident cases very seriously. If you’ve been involved in an accident, there can be a lot to process and work through just from an emotional standpoint. On top of your physical recovery, the mental recovery is just as important, if not more important. As a victim, you deserve the time and space to focus on your journey in getting back to your normal life and routine. This is why following a crash, it’s important to contact an attorney as one of your first steps after you have received medical attention.

Car accident law deals with legal issues arising from collisions involving motor vehicles. Lawyers deal with liability, insurance, damages, and compensation for injured parties. When working with legal counsel, an attorney can closely examine all the elements and details of the car accident and ultimately build you the best case possible. A lawyer can evaluate how much and what kind of negligence is involved. We can work towards getting you the proper medical and financial compensation that you deserve. By allowing us to step in as your legal representation after an accident, we can remove the legal burdens from you and your loved ones. This can help create the right mindset for you to work towards your rehabilitation.